WHC At the EV Infrastructure Innovation Summit 2024

Wolveshill Consulting is proud to participate in the upcoming EV Infrastructure Summit 2024, taking place on April 9 at KPMG Canary Wharf, London. This key event unites global experts to discuss the future of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in the UK.

As specialists in IT architecture and telematics, Wolveshill Consulting will contribute to vital discussions on smart, efficient charging technologies and innovative business models in the EV sector. The summit offers an invaluable platform for us to showcase our expertise, engage with industry leaders, and explore advancements that drive sustainable mobility solutions forward.

Join us to gain insights into the evolving landscape of EV technology and how it integrates with current and future telematics systems. We look forward to sharing our developments and learning from other experts in the field. Follow our blog and social media for updates and takeaways from the event.


Advancing Fleet Management Innovation: WHC at Flotte! Der Branchentreff 2024

Flotte! Der Branchentreff, held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, stands as a pivotal event in the fleet management industry, crucial for shaping future technological trends and strategies in fleet operations, especially in the realms of electric vehicles and telematics.

Wolveshill Consulting’s participation in the 2024 conference underscored our commitment to industry leadership and our continuous effort to integrate the latest technological advances into our services.

By engaging directly with key innovations and networking with industry leaders, Wolveshill not only showcased our cutting-edge solutions but also reinforced our position as a frontrunner in delivering efficient and sustainable fleet management solutions. This involvement is a testament to our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments, enhancing our appeal to clients looking for proven and innovative fleet management partners.

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Telematics Vilnius 2023: A Key Event for WHC's Growth

Telematics Vilnius 2023, hosted in Lithuania's capital, is recognized as a pivotal event for global experts in the telematics and IoT sectors.

This conference serves as a premier platform for discussing advancements in fleet management and IoT technologies, attracting thought leaders from around the world. Wolveshill Consulting's participation underscored our role as innovators within this vital industry.

Engaging with international experts allowed us to forge new partnerships and gain insights that propel our technologies forward, reaffirming our commitment to leading in telematics solutions. Stay updated on our future initiatives and achievements through our blog and social media channels.


WHC at AutoTech: Europe 2023 with Partner MagicYo: Driving Automotive Excellence

AutoTech: Europe, taking place on November 15-16, 2023, in Berlin, stands as a pivotal conference for the automotive sector, emphasizing new business models and technological innovations such as electrification, AI, and connectivity. 

Wolveshill Consulting is proud to exhibit alongside our partner, MagicYo. As leading providers and problem solvers in telematics and IoT, we specialize in delivering customized solutions that advance automotive technology.

This collaboration underscores our dedication to innovation and our ability to create tailored solutions that address complex industry needs. Together, we are set to demonstrate how our joint expertise can drive the future of automotive technologies, attract major stakeholders and shape the industry's landscape.


WHC at GITEX GLOBAL 2023: Leading Technology Innovations

GITEX GLOBAL 2023, hosted from October 16-20 in Dubai, stands as the premier global tech event, showcasing sectors from AI to telecommunications.

As leaders in IT architecture and telematics, Wolveshill Consulting's participation highlights our strategic role in technology leadership. Engaging with global tech pioneers, we showcased our solutions, enhancing our industry influence and client engagement.

This event underlines our commitment to leading-edge technology and our capability in shaping future tech landscapes. Follow our updates and insights from this pivotal tech gathering.

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WHC at MOVE 2023: Pioneering Future Mobility Solutions

MOVE is mobility’s #1 innovation event, connecting the entire ecosystem of mobility.

The MOVE 2023 event, held on June 20-21 at ExCeL London, is a landmark in the mobility industry, renowned for spearheading discussions on cutting-edge technologies like electric vehicles, smart cities, and autonomous systems.

Wolveshill Consulting's participation in this important event highlights our proactive approach to staying at the forefront of transport and logistics innovations. Our engagement at MOVE allowed us to showcase our expertise and solutions, reinforcing our status as leaders in integrating advanced telematics and IT architecture into the mobility sector.

This involvement not only strengthens our professional credibility but also enhances our ability to attract and retain clients who are looking for top-tier technological insights and partnerships in the evolving landscape of global mobility.

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World's 1st 5G Bicycle Smart Alarm is available to order

Designed with cyclists and bicycle manufacturers to provide an extra layer of security to your bike. Created to help prevent bicycle theft!

Developed in the UK, the Lync is the world's first 5G-connected bicycle anti-theft alarm, with integrated movement sensors, instant movement alerts via the Lync app, Bluetooth auto lock, real-time GPS tracking, and location-based bike crime mapping.

Fix to your bike with security hex bolts, included
A Loud alarm triggers movement up to 109 dB
works anywhere in the UK and across Europe
View bike theft hotspots
Order now for £89 with the first year of data included

Available to order now on the website:


Wolveshill Consulting at 2022 Telematics CE Conference

The 2022 Telematics CE Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, stands as a landmark event within the telematics industry, attracting European leaders to discuss the future of automotive technology.

Wolveshill Consulting's active participation at this essential conference showcased our innovative solutions in IT architecture and telematics, increasing our industry engagement and visibility.

By connecting with key influencers and expanding our network, we continue to lead and innovate in telematics, driving advancements that redefine fleet management and operational efficiency.

Discover more about our technology impacts on our blog and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

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Co-operation with TeknTrash

TeknTrash's StipraBin is the world's first garbage can, rewarding users for recycling with NFC cards. It identifies disposed products, awards points, and promotes proper waste separation. Stipra, with an app, allows users to earn rewards and provides companies with valuable post-sales data. Partnered with Wolveshill, TeknTrash aims to revolutionize recycling through data-driven models, reducing emissions, and promoting sustainable practices.

TeknTrash is an AI company that collects data at the end of the product life cycle. It created Stipra: a SAAS B2B system that rewards people for proper recycling while providing companies with post-sales data and real ESG benefits The company is part of Microsoft for Startups and selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the 3 most impactful technologies.

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European Emissions Trading Blockchain (DLT) System

The European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is a major pillar of the European energy policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the reportedly pervasive frauds in this market are constraining the beneficial role of the EU ETS. In this conceptual paper, we propose to digitalize the EU ETS by using distributed ledger technology (DLT), enabling the verification of authenticity and provenance, proof of ownership, and lifecycle traceability of carbon certificates and assets. Our platform allows verifiable credentials to validate emission allowances, in real-time
tracking of trading participants’ emissions, and the audit trail reporting of the decentralized trading records. Furthermore, we complement the DLT application concept with a structured interdisciplinary evaluation framework. Our framework and analysis aim to stimulate further interdisciplinary research in this area to support regulators, such as the European Commission, in designing effective digital emissions trading systems.


Why is GSM still better than NB-IoT for bicycles in Europe?

First, let us start with the basics... What is IoT?

IoT is the Internet of Things and is a system to transfer data without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

IoT devices are perhaps most commonly used in a smart home setting and are typically an IoT application case. You can access and control your home devices and appliances without physically touching them. Also, those devices and appliances will know what your preferences are, such as your preferred temperature on the thermostat, favorite playlist, or light setting, hence they are being smart to serve you better.